Sunday, May 25, 2014

Johnny's West(ジャニーズWEST) Member Ryusei Fujii(藤井流星) To Star His First Drama Series "Again!!(アゲイン!!)"

Boy band Johnny's West(ジャニーズWEST) made their major debut on April 23rd, 2014. It has been decided that Ryusei Fujii(藤井流星) will be starring his first drama series as Kinichiro Imamura(今村金一郎) in a new late night drama on MBS.TBS called "Again!!(アゲイン!!)", which will be set to broadcast this coming July. The drama is based from a manga with the same name by manga artist Mitsurou Kubo(久保ミツロウ), who is known for the manga "Moteki(モテキ)".

"I'm glad to be starring my first drama series. I'm still a novice but with the support of everyone around me, I will try my very best to make this drama in which the viewers can be touched to the point of tears, or laugh," Fujii said enthusiastically.

Fuji isn't the only one that is pleased with the dramatization of the manga series "Again!!(アゲイン!!)". The author of the manga Kubo Sensei said: "In my manga artist's life, I have always wanted to have a Johnny's to be in the drama of my manga! Surely, it has come true for "Again!!" I keep asking the production team to make this as good as possible. I hope the drama series will be better than the original and I am looking forward to it."

The story again!! is about a high school student named Kinichiro Imamura who spent 3 years of high school doing nothing but he has the opportunity to redo his high school life again. After his graduation ceremony form high school, Kinichiro accidentally travels back in time to the morning of his high school entrance ceremony 3 years ago for some reason. This time around, he's able to interact with the leader of the cheer squad Usami Yoshiko, that he has been crushing over her for a long time. The series started serialization in 2011 in Weekly Shonen Magazine published by Kodansha and it is still ongoing.

Again!! / Mitsuro Kubo Again!! / Mitsurou KuboAgain!! / Mitsuro Kubo


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