Saturday, February 22, 2014

Masami Nagasawa(長澤まさみ) Rumored To Get Married By The End of The Year To Yusuke Iseya(伊勢谷友介)

According to the report from the magazine "Weekly Woman", it seems there's a possibility that actress Masami Nagasawa(長澤まさみ) (26) will get married to actor Yusuke Iseya(伊勢谷友介) (37) by the end of the year.

The couple were discovered living together in March of last year.  The two of them have been repeatedly photographed going in and out of the same apartment building.  However, people familiar with the matter are worried about Iseya's domestic violence past.

Recently, they were spotted at a supermarket in Tokyo linking arms with each other and getting along well. Customers at the shop attested that the both of them seemed to enjoy their time shopping together and the atmosphere around them was very newlywed-like.

Also, it is said that Iseya had already greeted Nagasawa's father, Mr. Kazuaki Nagasawa,  who is the football manager for the team Júbilo Iwata.  Iseya also started introducing Nagasawa to acquaintances as his fiancée.  Many believe that they will walk down the aisle in the near future.

In the spring of last year, Iseya's former model/talento ex-girlfriend filled a lawsuit against him for DV(Domestic Violence) damage.  According to reports, the ex-girlfriend was getting physically abused daily by him and Iseya ended up paying several million yens to settle the case.  Currently, there are no stories about Nagasawa is getting abused.  The two lovebirds are living together and they are in their honeymoon phase. Those close to the source believe that their relationship is going well to the point where the momentum will most likely push them to get married in the near future even with Iseya's disturbing past.

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