Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Junko Koshino(コシノジュンコ) joins Idol Group BiS(Brand-new Idol Society)

Girl idol group BiS made an announcement that Junko Koshino(コシノジュンコ), one of Japan's most highly acclaimed fashion designers. has joined BiS as a new member of the group.

Road To Budokan Kokugikan "who Killed Idol?" / BiSJunko Koshino(コシノジュンコ) secretly participated in the audition for the new members of BiS and passed with flying color. The new member is going to make her first appearance with the group on November 5th at the "Hot Denpo Festival 2013" in Tokyo.  In addition, the group will be showing off their new songs and new costumes designed by Junko for BiS's upcoming single "Koi Suru Denpou Japan(恋する電報Japan)".

Rio Michibayashi(ミチバヤシリオ) recently left BiS on September 22nd. With the addition of Junko Koshino(コシノジュンコ), the group will be heading toward a new direction.

Source: natalie.mu, OHP


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