Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Kominami Yasuha(小南泰葉) Published New PV "3355411" For Her Upcoming EP Titled "Do Do Airaku(怒怒哀楽)"

Rock Singer Kominami Yasuha(小南泰葉) is set to release a new limited Tower Record EP titled "Do Do Airaku(怒怒哀楽)" on March 5th, 2014.

The PV for "3355411" is produced and directed by Kawakoshi Kazunori(川腰和徳). The PV's concept is to visualize the sense of life and death, which is the main theme of the lyrics for the song "3355411". The PV has a scene where Kominami is jumping off a building and another scene where a portrait of her is hung at an altar.

This song is a play on concept of one of Japan's urban legends where the number 33554411 means "し(33) に(55) た(4) い(11)" (shi-ni-ta-i) meaning "I wanna die". And if you raise that number to the second power, you will get 11224111122411, "い(11) き(22) た(4) い(11) い(11) き(22) た(4) い(11)" which means "I wanna live I wanna live".

So'Fly - Love, Hurts, TearsDo Do Airaku(怒怒哀楽)
Kominami Yasuha(小南泰葉)
CD | Release: 2014/03/05
ships on the release date
(US$ 15.37)

Kominami Yasuha(小南泰葉) - Ika Ika Airaku(怒怒哀楽) [2014.03.05]

01. 3355411 サンサンゴーゴーヨンイチイチ
02. ボーダーライン
03. 終わりなき炎症
04. キャットダイバー【ボーナストラック】
05. 水子ペテン師
06. 美少女戦士カメレオン

■小南泰葉 - 3355411



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