Saturday, February 22, 2014

Rina Katahira(片平里菜) Is Set To Release Her Third Single "Oh JANE/Anata(あなた)"

Singer-songwriter Rina Katahira(片平里菜) has announced she will release her long awaited first double A-Side single "Oh JANE/Anata(あなた)" on April 30th, 2014.

Following her second single "Onna no Ko wa Nakanai(女の子は泣かない)" released in January, this upcoming double A-Side single will feature two songs. The song "Oh JANE" is an uptempo pop song that Katahira had already showed off at her one-man tour.  The other song "Anata(あなた)" is a melancholic ballad.

Renown producer Seiji Kameda(亀田誠治) is in charge of the arrangements for the song "Oh JANE".  The song is said to be fast and lively with catchy melodies.  The feeling of the song is supposed to take it one step further than her previous song "Onna no Ko wa Nakanai(女の子は泣かない)".  In essence, it reflects the point of view of women on their fragility and strength.

The song "Anata(あなた)" is going to be the theme song for the movie "Live(ライヴ)" which will be released in May.  The movie "Live(ライヴ)" is based from the bestselling author Yamada Yusuke(山田悠介)'s original work.  Acclaimed director Noboru Iguchi(井口昇) who is known for movies such as "Nuigurumaa Z(ヌイグルマーZ), "Denjin Zaborger(電人ザボーガー", "Dead Shishi"デッド寿司", and "RoboGeisha (ロボゲイシャ)" is serving as the director/screen writer for the movie.

Director Iguchi fell in love with the singing of Katahira when searching for the candidate for the theme song. He wants to theme song to have the strength and gentleness to dissolve old wound and hatred from past relationship. It is a song that can help remind you about the good times of past relationships.

Rina Katahira(片平里菜)
CD | Release: 2014/04/30
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(US$ 12.63)

Rina Katahira(片平里菜) - Oh JANE/Anata(あなた) [2014.04.30]

1. Oh JANE
2. あなた
3. 小石は蹴飛ばして
4. あの場所で偶然

■片平里菜 「Oh JANE」 Music Video



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