Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Yo Hitoto(一青窈) Unveils PV For Her New Song "Hotaru(蛍)"

The PV for Yo Hitoto(一青窈)'s new song "Hotaru(蛍)" is completed and it has been published onto her official YouTube channel.

The music video is directed by the master of the Japanese film industry and Japan academy award winner for best director, Junji Sakamoto(阪本順治). Hitoto has always been impressed with Director Sakamoto's work and was eager to collaborate on a project with him.  Director Sakamoto declined the offer once. But after listening to the song, tears suddenly ran down his face and it reminded him of his old movie "Children of the Dark". He then readily agreed and said she should let him direct the music video by all means.

The music video was shot under extreme cold at -1℃ with Hitoto only wearing a thin white dress while standing barefoot in a fortress ruins. The video was done in one shot and she was tense throughout the filming process. But it was fun for her to with a great director like Sakamoto.

In addition, Yo Hitoto's new single "Hotaru(蛍)" will be released on March 26th, 2014.

Yo Hitoto(一青窈
CD | Release: 2014/03/26
ships on the release date
(US$ 13.61)

Yo Hitoto(一青窈) - Hotaru(蛍) [2014.03.26]


■一青窈 - 「蛍」

Source: Yo Hitoto


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