Monday, April 28, 2014

Shoko Nakagawa(中川翔子)'s Mom Strongly Opposed To Her Daughter Dating A Man With A Child

The news of actor Ryota Ozawa(小澤亮太) (26) and talent Shoko Nakagawa(中川翔子) (28) dating was revealed earlier. In the May issue of Josei Jishin magazine, Shokotan was witnessed staying at Ozawa's place overnight.

On an off day in early April, Shokotan was seen entering Ozawa's apartment in the early morning. The light was turned on in the evening and it seemed the two were enjoying each other's company so much that they stayed in and did not go out. Shokotan surprisingly did not update her blog at all on that very same day. Until next morning at 9:00am, a taxi showed up in front of the apartment. She walked out in disguise, wearing a black hat and a mask. She appeared to be wary of her surroundings before boarding the taxi.

Ozawa came out of the house 6 hours later. Just like Shokotan, he was wearing a mask and seemed to be wary of his surroundings too. He was out of the house only for a bit and was back home shortly after.

"The two are always staying indoor and spending time watching anime or playing video games. One of Shokotan's marriage conditions for her future partner is to enjoy playing video games together with her. Ozawa fits that description perfectly since he loves games. He also seems to be a big fan of the manga "JoJo's Bizarre Adventure", which aligns with Shokotan's hobbies. Now that she's on the verge of turning 30, she's thinking about her future with him."
-Fashion Stakeholder

The two love birds seem to be on their way to building something beautiful together. However, an "issue" has emerged.

"Actually, Ozawa-kun already has a kid. It is said the kid was born before he entered the entertainment industry. Shokotan seems to know about existence of the kid too but she decided to accept that fact because she has already fallen for him. People around Shokotan often told her to break up with him since she earns more than him and often pays for the two's dating bills. Shokotan's mother, Keiko was rooting for the two initially but strongly opposed to the two dating after learning about the problems."
-Production Stakeholder

Two sides's agencies already admitted that the two are dating. Will Shokotan continue to date Ozawa or listen to her mom and break up with him? It is going to be tough for her to pick one over the other.

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  1. God... He has a kid already. You can do better Shokotan! Please listen to your mom.