Thursday, May 19, 2011

Comedian Nishino Akihiro(西野亮廣) dating “Toilet no Kamisama(トイレの神様)” singer Uemura Kana(植村花菜)

Comedian Nishino Akihiro(西野亮廣) (30) and singer-songwriter Uemura Kana(植村花菜) (28) are currently dating. During a live comedy event on Wednesday, Nishino publicly acknowledged their relationship.

Nishino, a member of the duo King Kong, hails from Kawanishi, Hyogo. Uemura is also from the same city, and she happened to be friends with Nishino’s sister. Nishino and Uemura first met before either of them entered show business, but they met again in June of last year and became close.

Uemura got her big break last year with her hit song “Toilet no Kamisama(トイレの神様).”



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