Saturday, April 26, 2014

Takuya Kimura(木村拓哉) To Team Up With Keiko Kitagawa(北川景子) For A New Season of "HERO"

Takuya Kimura(木村拓哉) (41)'s hit drama series "HERO" is back for another season. The drama series is going to be the upcoming getsu-9 drama, which will begin to air in July on Fuji TV. A story about an unconventional prosecutor succeeded in attracting more than 30% viewership back in 2001. The show also set a record with its high average TV ratings of about 34.3% . It was one of the best drama series in history. Keiko Kitagawa(北川景子) (27) to play the new heroine of the drama.

The new drama to take place at the Josei branch of public prosecutor office. Kimura will reprise the role of public prosecutor Kuryu Hohei solving different cases with his unique sense of justice. The previous drama's immense popularity has been widely commented as a social phenomenon which assisted in boosting the number of college students looking for jobs as public prosecutors. The film version of HERO in 2007 was the third highest grossing film with 8.15 billion yen (US$80.4 millions) and won the first place of Japanese featured film the same year.

The drama series has started filming on April 20th, 2014.  Kimura commented, "Long time no see. I am back at Josei branch again in 2014. Thank you."

Kitagawa, on the other hand was still in middle school back in 2001 when the show first aired. She said she only watched the show every once a while and only remembered fragments of the show since she was busy studying for exams. She understands that the show is recognized as one of the best in history and will try to bring in new elements into the drama. 

Sugimoto Tetta(杉本哲太) (48) Hamada Gaku(濱田岳) (25) and many others are added as the cast members for the new drama. Sumino Takuzo(角野卓造) (65) Kohinata Fumiyo(小日向文世) (60) will reprise their roles from the previous show.

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  1. Why did they have to replace Matsu Takako with Kitagawa Keiko? She's horrible!

    1. There was a rumor about picking Yuko Oshima or Emi Takei. For lead role, you don't have much choices.

  2. No one can replace Matsu Takako... They should bring back all the original cast, besides the story, that's what made the show interesting.

  3. Its not anything bad to use keiko kitagawa. She's good. Most of her drama were enjoyable and had high viewers. Come on.