Monday, February 24, 2014

Kyoko Fukada(深田恭子) Has A New Lover; Reportedly Broken Up With Maasa Igarashi(五十嵐麻朝)

According to the report from the magazine Josei Jishin, Kyoko Fukada(深田恭子) (31) has broken up with long time boyfriend Maasa Igarashi(五十嵐麻朝) (29) at the end of last year.  Even though there were talks about marriage after dating for 3 years, Fukakyon has decided to split up due to their differences in future prospects and goals.

After broken up with her long time boyfriend, it seems Fukakyon has already found herself a new lover.  The new guy is a 34 years old Italian restaurant owner.  In mid-February of this year, the man was seen spending two nights in a row at Fukada's apartment.  According to the people familiar with the matter, the man was introduced as her boyfriend at a dinner party.

Fukada's agency responded to the report, "The man is just an acquaintance of her".

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