Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Hiroshi Tamaki(玉木宏) to star in new adaptation of "Suna no Utsuwa/砂の器"

Seicho Matsumoto/松本清張's suspenseful masterpiece "Suna no Utsuwa//砂の器" ("Castle of Sand") is being adapted as a television drama again, this time starring actor Hiroshi Tamaki(玉木宏) (30). The novel was adapted to film in 1974 (starring Tetsuro Tamba) and has been dramatized for television four times already, but this will be the first one told from the perspective of the character Hiroshi Yoshimura.

"Suna no Utsuwa/砂の器" is the story of a veteran detective named Eitaro Imanishi and a tenacious young detective named Hiroshi Yoshimura, who are assigned to solve a murder case. While the previous adaptations have primarily focused on Imanishi, this new version will have Yoshimura as the central character, played by Tamaki.

The drama is planned to be broadcast on TV Asahi as a two-episode mini-series, airing on consecutive nights next spring.


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