Saturday, December 18, 2010

Tetsuji Tamayama(玉山鉄二) & Chiaki Kuriyama(栗山千明) ended their relationship

Actor Tetsuji Tamayama(玉山鉄二) (30) and actress Chiaki Kuriyama(栗山千明) (26) have broken up, it is being reported. Troubles began this fall, with their hectic schedules keeping the couple apart.

Rumors that the two were in a relationship surfaced last November, when they were seen returning to Tamayama's apartment after a dinner date. In July of this year, a magazine reported that the two were partly living together, as Kuriyama was frequently seen entering and leaving Tamayama's apartment building.

However, Kuriyama's work as a singer has been increasing, and Tamayama has been busy with a stream of television dramas. As a result, the two have apparently been spending more time apart, and they decided to end their relationship.

Neither side has confirmed the breakup. Tamayama's agency indicated that it does not have information about his private life, while Kuriyama's agency similarly declined to comment.

Tetsuji Tamayama : UHA Mikakuto e-ma no doame


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