Saturday, October 5, 2013

Former AKB48 member 中西里菜(Rina Nakanishi) aka Rico Yamaguchi(やまぐち りこ) rumored to have given birth

Former AKB48 idol 中西里菜(Rina Nakanishi), also formerly known as Rico Yamaguchi(やまぐち りこ) caused quite a ruckus when she entered the Adult Video business back in 2010.  She has then retired from the the AV world and it was revealed she was happily married on her blog earlier on June of 2013.  Recently, pictures of the former idol with a baby girl were being circulated online.

Rina Nakanishi First DVD AKB48 Graduation / Rina NakanishiRina made quite a stir entering the AV business due to her connection with power idol group AKB48.  After two years of glamour in the adult business, she announced her retirement from the AV world and made known through her blog that she was happily married earlier in June. The identity of Rina's husband is still unknown.  But with the recent pictures being circulated on the internet, many speculated that she probably retired due to getting pregnant and the dad of the baby girl may even be an AV actor. 

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