Friday, April 24, 2015

Ryoko Kuninaka(國仲涼子) Announces Pregnancy; Osamu Mukai(向井理) To Become Dad

Japanese actress Ryoko Kuninaka(國仲涼子)(35) married actor Osamu Mukai(向井理)(33) last year on December 28th. On April 20th, she wrote a letter announcing she's currently 5 months pregnant on her official site. She claimed the new life is a gift from God and her pregnancy has entered a more stable period. She said she will continue to be an actress but she's going to prioritize her health and prepare herself on giving birth. From now on, she wants to focus on being a good mother, good wife, and good actress.

Husband Osamu Mukai also wrote a letter on his official site publicizing the good news. He expressed he's happy and surprised about his wife's pregnancy. With his wife entering a more stable period, she's going to prioritize her health. He said they will be happy if everyone can look after them.

Osamu Mukai and Ryoko Kuninaka met on the set of the drama series "HUNGRY!" in 2012 and hit it off with each other. The two shocked the entertainment world when they were married last year on December 28th. Many female fans were saddened by the fact that their idol was married. Ryoko Kuninaka is expected to give birth in this coming autumn. Many people are suspecting the two was a shotgun wedding. No mater what, congratulation to the Mr. and Mrs. Mukai.

Ryoko Kuninaka(國仲涼子) Announces Pregnant; Osamu Mukai(向井理) To Become Dad

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