Sunday, February 23, 2014

Suzu Hirose(広瀬すず) To Become Takeru Satoh(佐藤健)'s Sister In The New Drama "Bitter Blood(ビター・ブラッド)"

It has been revealed the model for the fashion magazine Seventeen, Suzu Hirose(広瀬すず) has been appointed the role of Takeru Satoh(佐藤健)'s sister in Fuji TV's upcoming drama series "Bitter Blood(ビター・ブラッド)", which will begin airing in April.

Hirose Suzu School Calender / Tokyo News Service
Suzu Hirose(広瀬すず) (15) was selected to star alongside popular actor Takeru Satoh for the drama series "Bitter Blood". She has been active as a model and also as an actress. She made her model debut as the exclusive model for Seventeen magazine in 2012. She then made her debut as an actress in Fuji TV's "Kasuka na Kanojo(幽かな彼女) drama series in 2013. With the way things are going for her, she's considered as the next breakout candidate in the entertainment world.

On February 22nd, 2014, Hirose was at the launch event for the release of her "Suzu Hirose School Calendar 2014-2015". She wore a collared mini dress with a baseball jacket on top to the event.  Hirose commented on playing the role of Takeru Satoh's sister, "I started out immensely shy but I was able to calm down with the help of big brother Takeru. His friendliness helped me adopt the role very easily and we behave like real siblings on set."

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Hirose was in Guam for the shooting of her calender.  She said, "It was my first time flying overseas.  I had so much fun in Guam. I wasn't able to eat a lot on my trip but I did fill myself up with plenty of rice (laughs)". Hirose was asked about co-starring with her older sister Alice Hirose(広瀬アリス) in the future.  She happily said, "If the opportunity arises, I'd love to".

■Suzu Hirose(広瀬すず) Profile 
Birth Place(出身地):Shizuoka Prefecture(静岡県)
Blood Type(血液型):AB



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