Sunday, May 11, 2014

Kou Shibasaki(柴咲コウ) Delighted With The New Häagen-Dazs Vegetable flavored Ice Cream "spoon Vege"

Actress Kou Shibasaki(柴咲コウ) (32), who is serving as the CM spokesperson for Haagen-Dazs's new product "spoon Vege(スプーンベジ)" attended the presentation event for the product on May 8th, 2014.

Shibasaki appeared at the event wearing the same white dress she wore in the CM. She was so happy with the tomato and carrot flavored ice cream that she ate it 3 times during the photography session. She said she particularly loves tomato and uses it for home cooking all the time. The "spoon Vege" ice cream is a perfect dessert for those who are health conscious.

Kou Shibasaki(柴咲コウ)
CD+DVD | Release: 2014/04/16
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Kou Shibasaki(柴咲コウ)
CD | Release: 2014/04/16
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(US$ 21.61)

柴咲コウ CM ハーゲンダッツ スプーンベジ 『その秘密は、野菜にあり』篇