Sunday, May 11, 2014

Former AV Actress Yuma Asami(麻美ゆま) Returns From Illness, Preparing For Singing Career

Talent and former AV actress Yuma Asami(麻美ゆま) (27) attended the launch events for her first autobiography titled "Re Start ~Donna Toki mo Jibun wo Shinjite~(Re Start ~どんな時も自分を信じて~)" (translated to Re Start - Believe in yourself at any time) in Tokyo's Sabunado Shinjuku Fuke bookstore on May 11th, 2014.

Asami received a complete hysterectomy to remove malignant ovarian tumor in February of 2013 and finished chemotherapy treatment in August of 2013. The autobiography reveals her fierce struggle with a cruel illness, the reason to debut as an AV actress, and confession of her family secrets.

She reveals her physical condition is "as close as ever to being fully healthy". "Being an AV actress is harsh...," she said nonchalantly when asked about her upcoming plans. "I have always loved music in the past so I want to try singing." Asami is currently taking singing lesson once a week and is working hard toward realizing that dream(She was a member and a leader of the J-pop girl's group Ebisu Muscats). May 11th was Mother's day, she said she gave a bouquet to her mother for supporting her during her struggle and feels grateful for everything she has done.

Yuma Asami
Book | Release: 2014/05/14
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麻美ゆま 闘病からの復活!26歳で卵巣・子宮全摘出 半年間の抗がん剤治療 初の自叙伝を発売



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