Sunday, February 16, 2014

Former AV Star Yuma Asami(麻美ゆま) Prepares To Resume Music Activities And To Release an Autobiography

Former powerhouse Japanese AV actress Yuma Asami had had surgery in February of 2013 to remove malignant ovarian tumor.  Since then, she has temporarily suspended all media activities, including AV. Recently on February 14th, she's showing off her cheerful self to the media.

Himehime Ryoko / Sora Aoi, Yuma Asami Asami made an announcement on June of 2013 that she was battling a series illness.  She said she wants to thank everyone for their warm encouragements. She has been undergoing chemotherapy treatments and is on her way to recovery.  She gave a big smile during the interview and said she's all fine now.  She even made chocolate and gave them to the interviewers at Tokyo Sports for Valentine's day.

In addition to the good news that Asami is doing better, she has been working with a non-profit group called "Cancer Net Japan" on a television program to promote the awareness and knowledge of ovarian related disease.  Currently, she's also writing an autobiography, which will be out for release on May.  The book is going to be about her childhood and her battle against cancer.

Yuma Asami
Book | Release: 2014/05/14
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(US$ 14.73)

At the end of interview, she told the interviewers that she wants to continue to pursue music activities and she has been working towards that goal by practicing the guitar and piano. (She was a member and a leader of the J-pop girl's group Ebisu Muscats).

Honey to Rap / Ebisu Muscut (Ebisu Muscuts)Meiso Idol / Ebisu Muscut (Ebisu Muscuts)Touch My S.P.O.T. Super Pachinko Oriented Tracks / Kiss



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