Monday, May 26, 2014

AKB's Rina Kawaei(川栄李奈) And Anna Iriyama(入山杏奈) Discharged From Hospital With Towels Covering Their Arms

AKB's Rina Kawaei(川栄李奈) And Anna Iriyama(入山杏奈) were discharged from Morioka's Iwate Prefecture advanced critical care center on May 26th, 2014 at 6:00 PM. The two were injured in the handshake event held in Iwate Prefecture on May 25th, 2014 after they were attacked by a 24 years old unemployed man that is now being charged with attempted murder.

The two injured AKB members were accompanied by the manager of the AKB48 theater, Hiroshi Yuasa(湯浅洋). Initially, Kawaei appeared to be leaving the hospital in a wheelchair due to the influence of painkillers affecting her legs, but the two walked out on their own with large towels covering their injured arms.

Iriyama said with a firm tone, "I want to apologized for everyone worrying over us. We will go back to Tokyo. It's all right now." Kawaei appeared wearing a mask and said, "The condition of my injury is all right. We are heading back to Tokyo."

The two were both wearing hats with had somewhat of a stiff look on their faces. Due to the effect of the painkillers, Kawaei was being supported by another person when she walked out of the hospital. Their expressions were hollow and still seemed to be in shock.

The two said "Thank you" to the press then got into the van prepared by AKB officials and headed back to Tokyo.

It is said Kawaei has a fractured right thumb and several minor laceration injuries, while Iriyama has a broken right pinky finger and and had undergone surgery to suture a a cut on May 25th, 2014. She also suffered laceration to the head but the wound is not deep.

The two were hospitalized in separate hospital rooms and they both worried over each others conditions. They were also subjected to police questionings in the hospital rooms.

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  1. They look so pale. I hope they get better.