Sunday, April 13, 2014

Masaharu Fukuyama(福山雅治) Rumored To Be In A Serious Relationship With Gravure Idol Dan Mitsu(壇蜜)

Singer songwriter Masaharu Fukuyama(福山雅治) (45) is known as the most eligible bachelor in Japan. According to the latest scoop by BLACK The taboo magazine(BLACKザ・タブー), it was discovered that he may be in a serious relationship with erotic gravure idol Dan Mitsu(壇蜜) (33). So far, Fukuyama has been rumored to have dated many beauties such as Yuki Uchida(内田有紀), Kou Shibasaki(柴崎コウ), Miho Shiraishi(白石美帆), Manami Konishi(小西真奈美), and Kazue Fukiishi(吹石一恵). However, none of them result in marriage for Fukuyama. Recently, there are rumors circulating that are making Fukuyama's agency nervous.

It is said that Fukuyama has been a fan of Dan Mitsu since her debut and he was the one who approached her. He often visited the SM bar where she used to work just to catch a glimpse of her. Initially, Dan Mitsu was wary of his straightforwardness but they were able to hit it off due to their common interest in photography. Even when they couldn't see each other due to their busy schedules, they would still send each other cute messages via LINE everyday.

"According to the people familiar with the late-blooming gravure idol Dan Mitsu, good news are coming in the near future."
-Make-up Artist

"Two years ago, there was a rumor that Fukuyama has broken up with actress Kazue Fukiishi(吹石一恵). At the time, people in the industry thought the two were going to make it to the finish line and get married. It was the presence of Dan Mitsu that made Fukuyama abandon Fukiishi."
-BLACK The taboo Magazine Editor

"It is said Fukuyama traveled with Dan Mitsu and her mom during New Year this year. This is the first time that I've heard anything like it where Fukuyama is spending time with the family of his significant other. I think they are serious and he may actually get married this time around"
-TV Producer

Currently, the agency of Fukuyama is putting out a strict gag order on anything regarding the two.