Thursday, March 27, 2014

Yui Ishikawa(市川由衣) To Have Nude Scenes In Her First Starring Role In Nearly A Decade

Actress Yui Ishikawa(市川由衣) (28) is going to have her first starring role in over 8 years. She will play the lead female role in the movie "Umi wo Kanjiru Toki(海を感じる時)" directed by Hiroshi Ando(安藤尋) and the movie will be out on September 13th, 2014. For the authenticity of the movie, she will go nude for the love making scenes.

The movie is based on the novel "Umi wo Kanjiru Toki(海を感じる時)" written by Kei Nakazawa(中沢けい氏).  She won the "Gunzo New Writers Prize" in '78 with this work. The story depicts a girl who doesn't understand the meaning love. One day, she encounters the man of her destiny and he changes her from a girl to a woman. In addition, the story portrays the love and sexual relationship between a man and a woman in a realistic way, but also the relationship between a mom and a child too. The novel was a very famous youth literature.

Ichikawa to play the role of Emiko, she is a high school senior who is deeply connected with a boy for the first time in her life but she rejects the notion of love and only seeks sexual relationship. Sosuke Ikematsu(池松壮亮) (23) to play Emiko's senpai, Yo, he wants a real relationship where he can become intimate with a girl both physically and mentally.


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