Thursday, March 27, 2014でんぱ組.inc) Appears In Hilarious Nissin Cup Noodles CM

Pop idol groupでんぱ組.inc) appears in the latest Nissin Cup Noodles CM project "Modern Samurai".

"Japan is the country of Samurai. Samurais are still alive even in the 21st century. Their modem swords are glow sticks. They swing glowing sticks and swear loyalty to their masters. Young people in Japan like idols and Cup noodles."
- Nissin Cup Noodles CM

The filming of the CM was done in ZEPP FUKUOKA at the end of's "WORLD WIDE DEMPA TOUR 2014". Fans attending the events appeared in the CM as extras and the music was recorded live at the scene. It should be noted that the song was newly written by Kenichi Yamada(前山田健一).

In addition, the CM will start airing across the country starting on March 27, 2014. One more thing, will also be releasing their live DVD of "WORLD WIDE DEMPA TOUR 2014" on April 23rd, 2014.
DVD | Release: 2014/04/23
ships on the release date
(US$ 35.45)

■カップヌードル 「現代のサムライ」篇 15秒

■カップヌードル 「現代のサムライ」篇 30秒

■カップヌードル 「現代のサムライ」篇 でんぱ組.inc メイキング映像



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