Tuesday, April 22, 2014

CHEMISTRY's Yoshikuni Dochin(堂珍嘉邦) To Divorce Model Wife Atsuko Dochin(堂珍敦子)

It was revealed on April 22nd, 2014 that Yoshikuni Dochin(堂珍嘉邦) (35), a member of the currently on hiatus male duo CHEMISTRY is going to file a divorce with his estranged model wife Atsuko Dochin(堂珍敦子) (35). It is said the couple were already living separately at the end of January and they are in the process of filing for a divorce. Atsuko recently gave birth to the couple's fifth child at the end of February.

According to a music industry insider who knows the Dochins, rumors of divorce were surfacing even way back in April of 2012 when the couple sold their home in Setagaya, Tokyo. Soon after, the male duo CHEMISTRY announced the suspension of their activities. Dochin once came out and said he hoped to give more support to his wife and her model activities after what she had done for him.

After overcoming a marriage crisis, Atsuko hoped to live in a more nurturing environment for the kids. Dochin agreed and the couple moved to the south side of Kanagawa. Atsuko then gotten pregnant with their fifth child. While believing that their relationship was repaired, Atsuko said she wanted a divorce before the birth of the child.


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