Sunday, May 11, 2014

miwa To Release New Single "Kimi Ni Deaeta Kara(君に出会えたから)" This Summer

Singer songwriter miwa will release a new single titled "Kimi Ni Deaeta Kara(君に出会えたから)" on July 2nd, 2014.

Her previous single "Faith" was released 5 month ago, this upcoming single will be her 14th overall single. The "Kimi Ni Deaeta Kara(君に出会えたから)"song is currently the CM song for Shiseido's beauty product "Sea Breeze". In addition to the title song, the single to include theme song "Let me Go" to Nippon Television's documentary program called "Woman on the Plant". The Limited Edition to include PV for the title song.

CD+DVD | Release: 2014/07/02
ships on the release date
(US$ 15.89)
CD | Release: 2014/07/02
ships on the release date
(US$ 12.71)

三吉彩花 ♪ miwa 君に出会えたから CMソング SEABREEZE シーブリーズ 「青春ジャンパー」

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