Saturday, May 10, 2014

Fans Lament Over Arashi(嵐)'s 15th Anniversary Concert In Hawaii: Don't Have The Money And Increase Domestic Performances

Popular group Arashi(嵐) will perform their first concert in Hawaii titled "ARASHI BLAST in Hawaii" to commemorate their 15th anniversary of their debut this coming September. Although it will be a major event and a milestone for the group, many fans lament the fact that "they can't go" to the event. The declaration from fans to stop supporting the group is starting to cause a ripple effect.

Hawaii holds a special meaning for Arashi since it was the place where they announced the formation of the group. According to the reports, the state of Hawaii lobbied to bring the event to the the suburbs of Honolulu in Oahu. It is said it will mobilize about 30,000 people for the two days event starting from September 19th to 20th.

However, fans seem to have mixed feeling for Arashi's milestone event in Hawaii and you can see both sides' opinions popping up online. "Congratulation" and "Happy 15th Anniversary" were said by those giving their blessings to the group, while others said "I don't have the means to go" and "I can't afford it". Also, it is worthy to note that the group's tickets are hugely popular and are usually resold for more than 100,000 yen(982 USD) or more. There are opinions out there that they should increase the performances in Japan before performing in Hawaii. Some also declared that they can't take it anymore and want to put a stop to supporting the group. Fans want to celebrate the group's anniversary but there seems to be a sentiment that it is hard for them to let go and enjoy the experience when the events takes place at somewhere so far in Hawaii.

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  1. I get where the domestic fans are coming fan. Like we made you who you are now. How dare you head over to other country for the anniversary. You should stay here in Japan and celebrate it with us. When you factor in flights, hotel, and concert ticket, it is pretty pricey. No way a regular fan can afford this...

  2. I find it at bit much that they are angry about it I mean I have come all the way over here to japan for a few months and unlike them I have no chance of seeing arashi live they have loads of chances every year, Hawaii is still a pain for me to get to just for a concert but the fact is if I could get my hands on the tix (which I have no idea how to get a hold of) I would book a flight over right away us international fans deserve a chance to see them but its still easier for the Japanese fans that want to see them