Thursday, February 27, 2014

Ryoko Hirosue(広末涼子) And Takeru Satoh(佐藤健) Having Alleged Affair

According to the latest report by the magazine Josei Seven, actress Ryoko Hirosue(広末涼子) (33) was caught spending overnight at Takeru Satoh(佐藤健) (24)'s apartment.

Hirosue was divorced with model Takahiro Okazawa(岡沢高宏) (38) in 2008 and then remarried to a candle artist Candle Jun(キャンドル・ジュン) (40) in 2010. She has a son for each of her marriage and is a mother of two.

On a snowy cold night of February 21st, 2014, Hirosue was seen entering Satoh's apartment in sexy fishnet stockings in stiletto heels. Hirosue was seen leaving his apartment via taxi the following morning. Not long after Hirosue left Satoh's apartment, Satoh was picked up by a car from his agency. According to witnesses, it is said the couple was seen dating at a lava spa in Tokyo at the end of January.

The two were acquaintances when they were starring for NHK Taiga Drama "Ryomaden(龍馬伝)" in 2010. However, the pair are reported to have "hit if off" at a drinking session after the drama ended.

Hirosue's agency commented on the report about the affair, "This is completely groundless". The agency of Satoh said Hirouse is a senior he respects and denied the allegation.

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