Friday, February 28, 2014

SUMIRE, Daughter of Chara & Asano Tadanobu(浅野忠信) To Make Model Debut

SUMIRE, the eldest daughter of singer Chara and actor Asano Tadanobu(浅野忠信) is set to become an exclusive model for the fashion magazine "SO-EN(装苑)" starting on April of 2014.

The cover for the April issue of the the magazine was released on February 27, 2014.

In November of 2013, SUMIRE appeared in the music video of her mother's song "Yasashī Kimochi(やさしい気持ち) ~Special Kiss ver." and her stunning looks have been drawing attention from the media. It is said that she has plans to play an active role in the fashion world.

SUMIRE was born in 1995 in Tokyo. She grew up in an environment where it was natural for her to be in contact with art music as the eldest daughter of singer Chara and actor Asano Tadanobu(浅野忠信). At the height of 163cm and with her hazel blue eyes from her Scandinavian roots(She has Norwegian and Dutch ancestry through his great-grand father), she has a unique blend of features to showcase an Asian fusion flavor. For the April issue of the magazine, she's featured wearing a unique translucent dress and is already displaying an aura as a top model.

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Chara was the one who broke out the news that her daughter SUMIRE is making her debut as an exclusive model for a fashion magazine. She said, "My little girl is the source of my inspiration for my songs and she has grown so big and beautiful".  SUMIRE sure seems like she will be an icon in the fashion world and will have a very bright future.

■Chara 『やさしい気持ち (Special Kiss ver.) ショートバージョン』



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