Friday, March 14, 2014

VALSHE Has Voice Acting Role As Male High School Student In Visual Novel "WRITERZ"

The trailers video for VALSHE's main voice acting role in visual novel "WRITERZ" has been published on to YouTube.

"WRITERZ" is a visual and audio novel centered around 4 high school boys with special abilities. VALSHE is doing the theme song for the novel series titled "marvelous road", which you can listen in the trailer. Nobunaga Shimazaki(島崎信長), Hikaru Midorikawa(緑川光), Shotaro Morikubo(森久保祥太郎) have been appointed as the voice actors for the other 3 main characters.

"WRITERZ" is set for release on March 19th, 2014. Hakuseki(白皙) is in charged of all the illustrations in the booklet.

CD+Booklet | Release: 2014/03/19
ships on the release date
(US$ 27.50)

"Writerz" Drama CD - Private Angle Collection - [2013.03.19]
1. プロローグ ~最近本業忘れてませんか~
2. 目指せスターへの道
3. 演技レッスン開始!
4. レッツダンス!
5. エピローグ ~スターへの道のりはまだまだ遠い~


Source: WRITERZ Official, VALSHE


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