Friday, April 11, 2014

B'z Koshi Inaba(稲葉浩志) To Release Solo Album "Singing Bird"

Rock singer Koshi Inaba(稲葉浩志) of B'z will release his solo album "Singing Bird" on May 21st, 2014.

This upcoming release will be his first full solo album since 3 years and 9 months ago when he released the album "Hadou" back in 2010. On this album, the song "oh my love" is being used as a TV CM song for Olympus's Mirrorless interchangeable-lens camera "OM-D E-M10" starring Japanese national football team player, Keisuke Honda(本田圭佑). The two songs "Nensho(念書)" and "Nakinagara(泣きながら)" have already been released as digital downloads. For the limited Edition of this release, the DVD to come with PVs.

In addition, he's also conducting 10 performances at Tokyo Stella Ball in June called "2014 ~ en-ball ~ Koshi Inaba LIVE". It has been announced that SATOKO of FUZZY CONTROL (Dr) and JUON (G) to participate in the tour too. Kosuke Oshima(大島 こうすけ) (Key), Haruhisa Duran Naito (内藤デュラン晴久) (G), and Corey McCormick (B) are the other support members.

Koshi Inaba
CD+DVD | Release: 2014/05/21
ships on the release date
(US$ 34.45)
Koshi Inaba
CD | Release: 2014/05/21
ships on the release date
(US$ 27.56)

01. oh my love
02. 念書
03. 泣きながら
04. Stay Free
05. ジミーの朝
06. Cross Creek
07. Golden Road
08. Bicycle Girl
09. 孤独のススメ
10. 友よ
11. photograph
12. ルート53

<DVD> (Limited Edition Only)
・oh my love(ビデオクリップ)
・Stay Free(ビデオクリップ)

■B'z 稲葉浩志


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