Sunday, May 25, 2014

AKB's Rina Kawaei(川栄李奈) And Anna Iriyama(入山杏奈) Injured, 24 Years Old Unemployed Man Arrested

One male staff and two members of AKB48 were slashed by a 24 years old unemployed man with a hand saw at a handshake event held in Iwate industrial culture center on May 25th, 2014 at 16:55.

The three injured victims were taken to hospital by an ambulance, they are considered conscious and in stable conditions. The operating company of AKB announced a formal comment that Rina Kawaei(川栄李奈) (19), Anna Iriyama(入山杏奈) (18) and a staff member of the venue were injured. The injuries have been described as "hand injuries".

Details of the incident have also been revealed in an interview by police. It is said the incident happened at 16:55 during the handshake event where fans were waiting in in line to shake hands with idols. Man with a hand saw was seen suddenly jumping out from the crowd and started slashing the members. 

Information that Rina Kawaei(川栄李奈) and Anna Iriyama(入山杏奈) were injured has been swirling on the internet since the incident. It is said that the both of them have hand injuries. The operating company of AKB commented that their injuries are "not life threatening".

Rina Kawaei(川栄李奈) and Anna Iriyama(入山杏奈) were both in the same lane during the handshake meeting event. 

Mayu Watanabe(渡辺麻友), Yuki Kashiwagi(柏木由紀), Haruna Kojima(小嶋陽菜), Minami Takahashi(高橋みなみ), Haruka Shimazaki(島崎遙香) were also present at the event today. 



  1. What's wrong with people nowadays... everyone is crazy...

  2. Correction: That man was attacking with a saw, not a knife.