Friday, May 23, 2014

Former AKB Member Erena Ono(小野恵令奈) Published A Selfie Of Herself In Cute Sexy Summer Attire

Former AKB48 member and currently active singer-actress Erena Ono(小野恵令奈) published a cute sexy selfie on her official Twitter account. 

As seen from the picture, she was wearing a cute matching pink bra and hair accessory while showing off her painted black nails. She was also sporting a sexy heart shaped cut out knitting vest to reveal a sexy side of her. Erepyon is definitely ready for summer.

From fans, 

"Too Cute" 
"Erepyon is adorable!" 
"Looks good on you!" 

Many people are voicing their opinions on how cute she looked in the picture. 

Erena Ono Shashinshu "UNTITLED" / Erena Ono Ono Erena Photo Book "Tsun Ere! Kaette kita Erepyon (The Return of Erena Ono)" / Erena OnoKira Kira Ono Erena Photo Book / Koki Nishida


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