Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Hey! Say! JUMP's Yuto Nakajima(中島裕翔) To Challenge First-Ever Water Polo Drama In His First Starring Role

It has been revealed on May 26th, 2014 that Hey! Say! JUMP's Yuto Nakajima(中島裕翔) (20) will be starring in his first drama series "Suikyu Yankees(水球ヤンキース) (Water Polo Yankees)" on Fuji TV starting on July 2014.

The upcoming drama series will be the first Japanese drama on the theme of water polo. Nakajima who has been longing for a yankee role will play the protagonist Naoya Inaba(稲葉尚弥) that enters the water polo department at school by some freak coincidence. Nakajima is known to be excellent in sports but in order to challenge the fierce competition of "Martial Arts in the water", hes's been receiving intensive training with currently active water polo players before the filming of the drama in early June.

Nakajima said, "With the yankee element of the story added to water polo, I feel that this is an interesting drama that no one has thought of it yet."

Nakajuma's teammate will be played by young actor Kento Yamazaki(山崎賢人) (19), while fellow Hey! Say! JUMP member Yuya Takaki(高木雄也) is going to be the captain from a rival high school. All three are showing off their figures in water polo speedos for promotion of the drama.

Source: sanspo.com


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