Thursday, May 22, 2014

Masami Nagasawa(長澤まさみ) And Takao Osawa(大沢たかお) Gain Valuable Experience From GLOBAL WORK CM

Actress Masami Nagasawa(長澤まさみ) (26) attended the PR event for fashion brand "GLOBAL WORK(グローバルワーク)" in Tokyo along with actor Takao Osawa(大沢たかお) (42) on May 22nd, 2014. The two were working on the latest CM for the fashion brand.

The content of the CM "Sekai Hito(世界人)" is about the dreams to pursue different activities overseas. Osawa traveled to Orlando, Florida to challenge bass fishing. "I didn't catch a thing in the end," he said with a wry smile. Osawa drove a bass fishing boat for the first time and the experience was very exciting for him. "I was happy but the staff didn't seem to like me driving too fast," he said mischievously.

On the other hand, Nagasawa visited a balled studio in Miami, Florida."I feel courageous after witnessing the people around my age are working so hard," she said. Nagasawa just made her return to Japan the night before after participating in the PR for John Woo's latest work "The Crossing(太平輪)" at Cannes International Film Festival. "I am actually still a little sleepy due to the jet leg," she said with a smile.

The two's encounters in the CM "Sekai Hito(世界人)" gave them valuable life experience. Osawa said, "The experience was unforgettable. It was a good chance for me reevaluate what happiness means." Nagasawa added, "Hardworking people shines brightly. I want to give it my all and try my best everyday, I won't forget what I learned from this trip."

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