Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Rena Nounen(能年玲奈) Says Final Goodbye To Her On-screen Grandfather Keizo Kanie(蟹江敬三)

The funeral to veteran actor Keizo Kanie(蟹江敬三) was held on May 13th, 2014. He passed away at the age of 69 from gastric cancer on March 30th, 2014. More than 700 people including actors and actresses attended his farewell ceremony. Actress Rena Nounen(能年玲奈) (20), who played the granddaughter role to Kanie in the NHK Asadora "Amachan(あまちゃん)" rushed to the event in a one-piece black dress.

Initially, it is said that she may not be able to attend due to the filming of her movie "海月姫(Kuragehime)" coinciding with the funeral. Since the filming ended ahead of schedule, she was able to rush to the venue, arriving 30 minutes late from the start time. But she was still able to say final goodbye and thank her on-screen grandfather for the last time.

Reporter asked Nounen, "What did you say to Kanie-san?" Nounen said, "Well...final goodbye..." as she was choking up and with tears rolling down her cheeks.

Eri Watanabe(渡辺えり) (59), who was a cast member for Amachan was also in attendance and in tears, "I don't believe he has died." Sarutoki Minagawa(皆川猿時) (43), Kasumi Arimura(有村架純) (21), and Yoshiyoshi Arakawa(荒川良々) (40) from the Amachan family were also at the event paying respect.

NHK Renzoku TV Shosetsu Amachan Nonen Rena featuring Amano Aki Kanzen Hozon Ban / NHK ShuppanAmachan (Renzoku TV Shosetsu) Soshuhen / Japanese TV SeriesRena Nounen / Rena Nounen

Source: sponichi.co.jp


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