Wednesday, May 21, 2014

AKB48 Senbatsu General Election and Yuko Oshima(大島優子) Graduation Performance To be Boardcast On Fuji TV

It has been decided on May 20th, 2014 that AKB48's senbatsu general election (ballot counting on June 7th) will be broadcast live on Fuji TV.  In addition, Yuko Oshima(大島優子) (25)'s graduation performance to be held in Tokyo's AKB48 theater on June 9th will also be broadcast live on the same channel. 

This will be the 3rd consecutive year the general election will be broadcast live on Fuji TV. The broadcast garnered an average rating of  20.3% rating and the highest at 32.7%. This year's show is titled "AKB48 6th senbatsu general election live SP(AKB48第6回選抜総選挙 生放送SP)" and it will start ballot counting at 17:00.

The ballot counting event will be held in Tokyo's Ajinomoto stadium. 100 staff members and 40 cameras have been prepared. Seiji Miyane(宮根誠司) (51) will be served as the announcer, while Ayako Kato(加藤綾子) (29) will be the facilitator covering stories on the election event.

Oshima's graduation performance will start at 19:00. Atsuko Maeda(前田敦子) (22) graduation concert in August of 2012 drew an average rating of 14.3%.

【選抜総選挙×フジテレビ】「AKB48 第6回選抜総選挙」TVスポット30秒 / AKB48[公式]



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