Thursday, May 15, 2014

Anne(杏) And Masahiro Higashide(東出昌大) Reportedly Had A Sleepover

Actress Anne(杏) (28) and Actor Masahiro Higashide(東出昌大) (26) played husband and wife roles in the asadora series on NHK called "Gochisousan(ごちそうさん)". It is reported that the two had a sleepover in the latest issue of Josei Seven magazine released on May 15th, 2014.

According to the magazine, the two spent the night at Anne'sapartment after a drinking date at a nearby bar in Tokyo. As stated by a patron at the bar, "Higashide said he has met the right person and wants to get married soon."

Earlier this year, the two were reportedly seen having a shopping date but both agencies denied that they were dating at the time. However, the two's agencies seemed to have a change of heart and did not deny the allegation this time. "We are leaving her private life to her," said Anne's agency. "We can't comment on his private life", said in a statement released by Higashide's agency.

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