Sunday, May 18, 2014

Hiroshi Tamaki(玉木宏) To Challenge Bus Jumping Stunt In The 2nd Installment of "IMAT"

Actor Hiroshi Tamaki(玉木宏) (34) will star in the 2nd installment of "IMAT" titled "Jiken Kyumeii 2~IMAT no Kiseki~(事件救命医2~IMATの奇跡~)" as a physician in a live-saving medical team working in crime scene. The special drama series has been revealed to air on June 15th, 2014. Tamaki to reprise his role as Dr.Akira Hyouga(日向晶) and he will be challenging a bus jumping stunt scene this time around. "I have a group trusted professionals on set for the stunt so I am not concerned at all. We are trying to make it as realistic as possible," said Tamaki who was on set for the stunt.

The first series of "Jiken Kyumeii~IMAT no Kiseki~(事件救命医〜IMATの奇跡〜)" was broadcast in October of 2013, a suspense medical drama that combines elements of detective and medical dramas. The show was Tamki's first time playing a doctor, Kei Tanaka(田中圭) played a SIT police officer Takuma Kageura(影浦琢磨), and the show also included a gorgeous supporting cast of Miki Mizuno(水野美紀), Katsunori Takahashi(高橋克典) and etc. Actress Yoko Moriguchi(森口瑤子) to join the show as a skillful heart surgeon in the 2nd installment.

The drama had an average rating of 14.8. Due to the drama's popularity, a 2nd Installment(special drama movie) is being filmed right now. This upcoming drama to have a heart transplant surgery and a bus hijacking incident happening concurrently.

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