Thursday, March 20, 2014

Aoi Miyazaki(宮崎あおい) Rumored To have Botched Nose Job, Requests Not To Have Pictures Taken

In 2011, it was reported in tabloid magazine that Miyazaki may have had committed adultery with V6’s Junichi Okada(岡田准一), which led to a nasty divorce with her ex-husband Sosuke Takaoka(高岡奏輔). Due to the scandal, her popularity has plummeted immensely. Recently, there was a suspicion that she may have had plastic surgery performed on her nose.

"The 37th Japan Academy Award Ceremony was held on March 7th, 2014. As soon as Miyazaki walked out, everyone was commenting on her thinning nasal bone. People online were comparing past pictures of her and the award ceremony became a hot topic online due to this odd discussion about her nose."
-Entertainment Writer

Miyazaki used to be one of the most innocent actresses in the entertainment world but that image was tarnished by her sudden divorce with Takaoka. She was once called "The Young CM Queen" but that ship has long sailed and is never coming back.

"Miyazaki started to limit her exposure on terrestrial dramas in hopes of scoring a big job like appearing on NHK's taiga drama to increase her pricing for CM. Unfortunately, the plan backfired due to her plummeted popularity after her divorce. Originally, she was under contract with 10 different companies guaranteeing her 35 million yen per CM.  However, her pricing has dramatically decreased down to 200 million yen." -Entertainment Insider

Miyazaki's sudden change in appearance rouses suspicion about her having plastic surgery. Lately, she's been distancing herself from camera and is avoiding interviews. It is said she doesn't want people to use her nose as a topic of discussion.  -Entertainment Insider

After the adultery and divorce headlines, she's now involved in a story about plastic surgery. She's becoming the butt of a joke in the entertainment world now. It is going to be hard for her to avoid the media and to regain her former glory.

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