Saturday, March 29, 2014

Ex-Johnny's Talents Jin Akanishi(赤西仁) And Koki Tanaka(田中聖) Rumored To Form A New Unit

According to a scoop by Tokyo-Sports, an undisclosed plan to former KAT-TUN member Jin Akanishi(赤西仁) (29) who left Johnny's earlier this year has been exposed. The plan is to form a new unit with his former member mate Koki Tanaka(田中聖) who was fired from Johnny's in September of 2013. The project is being set in motion from behind the scenes.

Akanishi left Johnny's with the perspective of expanding his activities overseas but his major financial backers are only lukewarm to the idea. As per someone in the entertainment world familiar with the matter, the financial backers are more inclined to the idea for him to "form a unit".

As stated by a person in charged of the overseas export sales network, "I've heard about the plan about Akanishi and Tanaka but there's nothing concrete yet. If the two are interested in the idea, there's good chance that it will happen."

"Two years ago, as the penalty of his marriage to Meisa Kuraki(黒木メイサ), his nationwide tour was canceled and he was forced to drop a starring role for a drama series. That was the real reason why Akanishi was reluctant about domestic activities because the penalty left a bad taste in his mouth. He personally wanted to go aboard but the office didn't support the idea because they didn't think it would be profitable for them in the long term. It is said the reason for his resignation with Johnny's was due to the support from his financial backers." 
-Former interested party

It is said that the financial backers are not only acquainted with Akanishi but Tanaka as well, the plan to form a new unit with two former KAT-TUN seemed to have been formulated for quite some time. 

The other day, Tanaka appeared in the limelight for the first time in a very long time at the "6th Okinawa International Film Festival". Previously, Tanaka stated on twitter that Jin is "his comrades that he had been through struggles with" when Akanishi left Johnny's at the end of February. It is definitely an interesting situation that the two ex-Johnny's are united together to form a unit. 

However, according to someone from media with a deep relationship with Johnny's,"It is a well known fact that there's a possibility that the two could join up together."