Friday, March 28, 2014

B'z Koshi Inaba(稲葉浩志) Unveils New PV "Nakinagara(泣きながら)" Plus Announcement About Solo Performance

Rock singer Koshi Inaba(稲葉浩志) of B'z published the PV to his new song titled "Nakinagara(泣きながら)" onto YouTube.

Inaba's official site "en-zine" was opened in February, he's also expanding his solo activities vigorously such as providing theme song to a TV CM. You can listen to the gentle voice of Inaba in this impressive ballad  "Nakinagara(泣きながら)".  The song can be downloaded at iTunes Store, mora,

In addition, he's also conducting 10 performances at Tokyo Stella Ball in June called "2014 ~ en-ball ~ Koshi Inaba LIVE". It has been announced that SATOKO of FUZZY CONTROL (Dr) and JUON (G) to participate in the tour too. Kosuke Oshima(大島 こうすけ) (Key), Haruhisa Duran Naito (内藤デュラン晴久) (G), and Corey McCormick (B) are the other support members.

■稲葉浩志 / 泣きながら

Source: Koshi Inaba


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