Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Intimate Pictures OF Karina(香里奈) And Her Taiwanese Boyfriend Leaked Through "FRIDAY" Tabloid Magazine

It was reported earlier that actress and model Karina(香里奈) (30) is in a serious relationship with a younger man from Taiwan she met at a language school in Hawaii. On March 24, 2014, she participated in a handshake event for graduating from the fashion magazine "Ray" after serving as the exclusive model of the magazine for 14 years.

Earlier this month during an event, she was pressed by reporters to talk about the relationship. She said, "I don't know." Then she went on an said, "I am 30 years old already, I should be allowed to have a good male acquaintance." Today, shocking intimate pictures were leaked via tabloid magazine.

The current issue of weekly magazine "Friday" that is already out right now leaked supposed images of Karina in bed with her Taiwanese boyfriend. According to the magazine, the pictures were taken in the middle of a late night party held in a condo in Hawaii two years ago. It is said the two started dating after that day. If you take a closer look of the image, you can see a beautiful women resembling Karina with her legs spread wide open in a very sensual pose.

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"No.. no.. it's different. The pose you see here is not sensual at all. This pose you see is a basic yoga pose called the "Supta Baddha Konasana", which is also known as the "Reclined cobblers". In yoga, these poses are known to soothe the nervous system. Reclined Cobblers pose also stretches the inner thigh muscles and releases the low back and hips. It is often used in yoga practice to neutralize the back after backbends and inversions. People familiar with yoga should be able to do this pose naturally in their sleep", said a Yoga Instructor.

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  1. Karina been inactive for several months and do not know anything about it ... I hope this does not affect your career.