Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Was Yuuki Goto(後藤祐樹) The Reason Behind Maki Goto(後藤真希)'s Disappearance From Showbiz The Last Two Years?

Former Morning Musume(モーニング娘。) Maki Goto(後藤真希) suddenly made an appearance at Monster Hunter event, started a blog, and revealed a return to the entertainment world a little by little. But on the other hand, with respect to her younger brother Yuuki Goto(後藤祐樹), it is said they are no longer in touch with each other anymore according to the people familiar with the matter.

Yuuki was arrested for robbery and assault in 2007, served his jail sentence the following year, and was finally released in 2012. The following year, he published an autobiography and was rumored to be dating Sayaka Ichii(市井紗耶香), then we have not heard from him again.

"At the time of his autobiography was released, he frankly answered questions from fans at the publication event. Around the same time, there were also people around him trying to orchestrate the re-debut of Yuuki but then he suddenly disappeared and people lost in touch with him. It was said he was living with his older sister in Tokyo at the time. But after a string of empty promises made by Yuuki, some people said that they do not want to associate with him anymore."
-Weekly Magazine Reporter

As for Yuuki, there was a rumor that he would become an AV actor after his release from prison. 

"After Yuuki was released, he was denied in a lot of places. The autobiography he published in 2013 entitled "Mattaku no uso(まったくの嘘)" was also revealed to be one big lie itself. When he was in prison, he had met several AV associates and promised them to appear in adult videos as an AV actor. Yet, all of a sudden, even the associates couldn't get in touch with him anymore. While there was nothing they could do if he had a change of heart, the fact that he made false promises and feigned ignorance all of a suddenly angered a lot of important people in the AV industry."
- AV Industry Insider

Was it a mere coincidence that the older sister had gone on a hiatus around the same time the younger brother was released from prison? Now that the younger brother has disappeared after he angered a lot of people with his empty promises, the older sister is returning to the entertainment world step by step. It is probably in the best interest of Maki to cut ties with his brother altogether if she wants to continue her career in the showbiz. Her brother has brought nothing but troubles into her life.



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