Saturday, May 17, 2014

Singer Songwriter ASKA Arrested And Charged For Possession Of Stimulants

Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department's Anti-Organized Crime Unit: Division 5 has arrested and charged singer songwriter ASKA, whose real name is Shigeaki Miyazaki(宮﨑重明) (56) for Stimulant drug control violation on May 17th, 2014. Stimulant drugs were found concealed in a room of his apartment. According to the police, the arrested suspect said he never had possession of any stimulant and repudiates the charge brought against him.

It is said ASKA and a female friend (37) were both arrested in relation to the small amount of stimulant drugs found in a room of Minato ward apartment on April 6th and 12th.

ASKA was originally from Fukuoka. The popular music duo CHAGE and ASKA debuted in 1979. He wrote most of the principal hit songs for the duo, such as "Say Yes" and "YAH YAH YAH". He's also active as a solo singer and a song writer.

In July of 2013, it was reported in weekly magazine that ASKA had allegedly used drugs but he outright denied the allegation. In October of the same year, the agency decided to suspend all of ASKA's activities due to his string of reports related to drugs and to concentrate on his health.

CHAGE and ASKA Consert Tour 2004 Two-five / CHAGE and ASKACHAGE and ASKA Very Best Nothing But C&A / CHAGE and ASKACHAGE and ASKA Concert 2007 Alive In Live / CHAGE and ASKA

■ASKA容疑者を覚醒剤所持容疑で逮捕 警視庁(14/05/17)


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