Friday, May 16, 2014

Johnny's Ikuta Toma(生田斗真) Seen Holding Hands With Nao Kawakita(川北奈緒), A Married Woman 8 Years His Senior

Johnny's affiliated actor Ikuta Toma(生田斗真) (29) was seen on a date holding hands with Nao Kawakita(川北奈緒) (38), the drummer of the rock band Maximum the Hormone(マキシマムザホルモン) in the latest report by Friday magazine. Fans of Maximum the Hormone are cheering over the report for some reason.

During a midnight on a certain day, the two were seen having a meal together at a restaurant in Tokyo. Afterward, the two were photographed holding hands in hands dating at a nearby park by reporters.

Nao is currently married and a mother to a girl. This is going to be a big problem if they are dating seriously. Ikuta is said to be an avid fan of the band and has been friends with Hormone band members for some time now. Previously, Nao and Ikuta laughingly said that they are just friends in an interview for a magazine.

Ikuta's fans may not care about the news but fans of Maximum the Hormone are rejoicing over this report:

"I laughed! I didn't see this coming!" 
"Sister Nao's debut on Friday wwwwwwww" 
"Oh wow, I might just buy Friday this time for Nao-san"

The number of tweets is rising steadily on twitter over this matter.

In addition, Nao's younger brother, Ryo-kun, who is the guitarist for the same band commented on his official twitter account, "Big trouble! Emergency meeting now!" 

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  1. What the f....this can't be true....

  2. Wow of all the people he can choose.......he chose her......hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm......But then again it's his life.

  3. if Nao is single, I'm sure Toma will beg for her, she's a great woman, a queen per se, i'm sure she is one of the people Toma respect the most!

  4. is he homo? look like they just friend if he is