Friday, May 2, 2014

Tomohisa Yamashita(山下智久) Banned From Exclusive Spa After Requesting "Sexual Service"

According to the May 1st, 2014 issue of Shukan Bunshun(週刊文春), it is said that Tomohisa Yamashita(山下智久) had a shameful "misunderstanding" at a spa. Yamashita visited an exclusive spa in Tokyo and requested sexual service from the female massage therapist. After having the request rejected, he said, "It's me?" Even after learning his identity, he was still rejected and ended up getting banned from the spa. However, the spa is well known among celebrities to provide special service.

"Yamasahita has been here a few times already and often used our bedrock bath service. He came to our Minato-ku branch around November of 2012 and requested the female massage therapist to give him a service similar to a sex shop."
-Minato-ku Spa Worker

The high class exclusive spa has expanded to 25 stores across the country. The chain's facilities include luxurious sauna and bedrock bath in large private room. They also perform oil massage by female therapist with customer wearing only disposable paper underwear. 

"From time to time, misunderstood customers would come in seeking for that kind of "service". I just tell them to go to a different store. Even Johnny's Yamapi was misunderstood and we ended up banning him from the shop."
-Minato-ku Spa Worker  

The spa Yamashita visited is located in an exclusive residential area in Tokyo. It is a high end penthouse type spa where he would not come face to face with other customers.

"Of course the staff refused him after he requested that kind of service. He asked one more time and said "It's me?" The female massage therapist refused him again and said, "I know it's you!" He seemed to be quite persistent."
-Minato-ku Spa Worker  

 In fact, it's even more surprising that Yamashita would go out and attempt the same thing again.

"At a later date, I heard that he made an appointment at a different branch of the spa using a fake name. The staff member recognized him immediately and kicked him out."
-Spa Worker From Another Store

In the past, it is said that a famous member from the boy band EXILE was able to persuade a therapist to provide him with sexual service. Afterward, other members from the band also visited the spa looking for the same type of service. No one knows for sure where Yamapi heard the rumor from but he ended up getting banned from the shop after "testing his skills".


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