Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Erika Sawajiri(沢尻エリカ) to star in “Helter Skelter(ヘルタースケルター)”

Actress Erika Sawajiri(沢尻エリカ) (25) is confirmed to be making her return to the big screen with a live-action adaptation of Okazaki Kyoko(岡崎京子)’s manga “Helter Skelter(ヘルタースケルター).” The movie will be just the second feature film directed by photographer Ninagawa Mika(蜷川実花), who directed “Sakuran(さくらん)” in 2007.

Sawajiri has not starred in a movie since “Closed Note” in 2007, due to her unprofessional conduct at a PR event for the film. She recently has begun regularly appearing in television commercials again, and she also is starring in a mobile drama that begins next month.

Closed Note / Japanese Movie

“Helter Skelter(ヘルタースケルター)”” began publication in 2003, and the following year it won the Tezuka Osamu Cultural Prize(手塚治虫文化賞). The story revolves around a woman named Ririko (Sawajiri), a top model in the entertainment industry. However, her perfect beauty has been attained entirely through plastic surgery, a secret that she cannot reveal to anyone.

Ninagawa said that she has been wanting to adapt “Helter Skelter(ヘルタースケルター)” since even before she worked on “Sakuran.” Producer Uda Mitsuru also revealed that he first talked with Sawajiri about starring in the movie about three years ago, before the adaptation rights had been obtained and the screenplay had been written.

Because the original manga includes mature topics such as sex and drugs, there is some speculation that Sawajiri may have a nude scene in the film. A source familiar with the matter neither confirmed nor denied the possibility.

The supporting cast includes Omori Nao(大森南朋) as a prosecutor investigating an incident at the clinic where Ririko underwent surgery, Terajima Shinobu(寺島しのぶ) as Ririko’s manager, Mizuhara Kiko(水原希子) as a younger model, Kubozuka Yosuke(窪塚洋介) as Ririko’s boyfriend, Momoi Kaori(桃井 かおり) as the president of Ririko’s agency, and Harada Mieko(原田美枝子) as the head of the clinic. Ayano Go(綾野剛), Arai Hirofumi(新井浩文), Suzuki Anne(鈴木杏), Terajima Susumu(寺島進), and Aikawa Sho(哀川翔) have also been cast.



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