Tuesday, January 31, 2012

School Food Punishment to go on indefinite hiatus

Rock band School Food Punishment announced their website that they have decided to take a break from their activities, as a result of discussions between the band’s members. At present, they do not have specific plans for when they will resume their activities.

Formed in 2004, School Food Punishment consists of vocalist Uchimura Yumi(内村友美), keyboardist Hasuo Masayuki(蓮尾理之), bassist Yamasaki Hideaki(山崎英明), and drummer Hidai Osamu(比田井修). They made their major label debut in May 2009, and they have been rising in popularity through songs such as their latest single “How to go,” which is being used as the opening theme of the anime series “UN-GO.”

How to go / School Food Punishment Prog-Roid / School Food Punishment

In their announcement on their website, the band’s members stated that they plan to each pursue separate paths as musicians, though no details were given.

Source: tokyograph.com


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