Monday, April 21, 2014

Former KAT-TUN Member Koki Tanaka(田中聖) Rumored To Make Full Scale Return This Fall

Former KAT-TUN member Koki Tanaka(田中聖) (28), who was dismissed from Johnny's in September of 2013 could be making a full scale return soon.

In March of 2014, Tanaka was seen at the red carpet event for the 6th Okinawa International Film Festival. Although it was his first time appearing in public event in a very long time, plans for future entertainment activities have yet to be determined for him at this stage. According to an entertainment stakeholder, "It is said one of the reasons for his dismissal from Johnny's was the fact that he ran a bar in secrecy without the the knowledge and permission from the agency. Currently, the bar seems to have opened again. Also, his playboy behavior and his relationship with women also seem to remain unchanged as before."

However, this isn't a pessimistic way of looking at things for Tanaka. As stated by an entertainment insider, "Tanaka is unexpectedly on good terms with industry's heavyweights There are important people in television that want to push and recommend Tanaka . So to say, things are progressing nicely from behind the scenes. There is a plan right now that he may sign into the same agency as Norika Fujiwara. There is also another plan where he may even start a new private agency. Of course, it goes without saying that his financial backings are reliable. Still, things aren't going to happen immediately, I would say early fall would be a realistic estimate, which is about one year after he was fired from Johnny's."

There are still many hurdles for Tanaka to overcome since it is almost unheard of for someone to get fired from Johnny's and to make a full return to the entertainment world. The fact that he's doing well on Twitter also helps his case too. The entertainment insider added, "From the business side of things, having over 200k followers is something that it can't be overlooked. I would say this is the reason why it has led to the acceleration of his full-scale return."

It's going to take some time for sure, but is is going to be fun to see how Tanaka makes his return to the entertainment world.


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