Saturday, April 12, 2014

Takeshi Kaneshiro(金城武)'s Niece U Unveils Daring Lingerie Pictures In Her First Photobook

The niece of renown Taiwanese actor with Japanese heritage Takeshi Kaneshiro(金城武) (40), U (23), has released her first photo book "Hajimemashite! Nice to meet you!(初めまして!初次見面!)"

For this photo book, U shows off her slender body(160cm, B78 W59.5 H84.5) in lingerie and bikini in the beautiful scenery of Bessho Onsen and Sugadaira Kogen in Nagano. U said, "I want to show you guys the real me in this photo book.. the cute and sexy me. I want to meet you all and I will do my best. "

She will be holding a handshake event for the release of the photo book at Shosen Grande Kanda-Jinbocho, Tokyo.

Photo Book | Release: 2014/03/21
ships on the release date
(US$ 27.56)

金城武の美女姪っ子 台湾出身のU(ゆー) 得意技はお尻にiPhone!初の写真集発売イベントに登場!



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