Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Rina Sumioka(住岡梨奈) Set to Release First Ever Album "Tsumugi Uta(ツムギウタ)"

Singer-song writer Rina Sumioka(住岡梨奈) has revealed she will release her first ever full album "Tsumugi Uta(ツムギウタ)" on November 27th, 2013.

Rina's debut single, "Feel You" was appointed as the ending theme song for the animated movie of Rurouni Kenshin(るろうに剣心) in June of 2012.  Recently, she has also attracted national media attention by starring in Fuji TV's reality music show "TERRACE HOUSE(テラスハウス)".

In addition, she is collaborating with the following famous artists and producers for her long awaited new album: YO-KING, Kohei Dojima(堂島孝平), Oshio Kotaro(押尾コータ), Yukio Nagoshi(名越由貴夫), Masahiko Kubota(クボタマサヒコ), OKAMOTO'S, Masakazu Ichinose(一瀬正和 from ASPARAGUS), Tomu Tamada(玉田豊夢 from 100s), Okuda Kensuke(奥田健介 from NONA REEVES), Shigeru Komatsu(小松シゲル from NONA REEVES), Izumi Kato(加藤いづみ), Hideaki Yamazaki(山崎英明 from School Food Punishment), Soichiro Yamauchi(山内総一郎) from Fujifabric(フジファブリック).

The limited version will include a bonus track of "Yuhigaoka no san setto夕陽ヶ丘のサンセット" which is a cover song of Tamio Okuda(奥田民生) and a DVD of all of Rina's music videos and making of's.

Rina Sumioka(住岡梨奈)Tsumugi Uta(ツムギウタ) [w/ DVD, Limited Edition]
Rina Sumioka(住岡梨奈)
CD | Release: 2013/11/27
ships on the release date
(US$ 33.43)
Rina Sumioka(住岡梨奈)Tsumugi Uta(ツムギウタ) [Regular Edition]
Rina Sumioka(住岡梨奈)
CD | Release: 2013/11/27
ships on the release date
(US$ 29.21)

Rina Sumioka(住岡梨奈) - Tsumugi Uta(ツムギウタ) [2013.11.27]

01. 追い風
02. Hello Yellow!
03. ポーズ
04. 雪どけの街
05. ナガレボシ
06. ハレノヒ
07. Oh! Yeah
08. THE 意識
09. ケセランパサラン
10. ひつじ
11. 文(あや)
12. feel you
13. 夕陽ヶ丘のサンセット 住岡梨奈+堂島孝平×A.C.E.(奥田民生COVER)
・Hello Yellow! Music Video
・「あなたのお家で聴ける!」弾き語り in テラスハウス<We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together / 歩いて帰ろう / ナガレボシ>
・Hello Yellow ! Music Video メイキング

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